Thursday, June 17, 2010

Fatal Attraction or Errant Breasts

There's a scene in Fatal Attraction the morning after Dan (Michael Douglas) and Alex (Glenn Close) first spend the night together.

Alex is sitting up in bed while Dan gets dressed, trying to extricate himself from the situation neatly. After all, he's married to the sweet Beth (Anne Archer) and it was just a fling – he has no idea Alex is going to give us our most endearing cultural shorthand term for a psychotically jealous lover (bunny boiler).

During the scene, director Adrian Lyne cuts from the end of the bed to a position off to one side, and if you watch closely Glenn's breasts are exposed from one angle and covered by the sheet in the other.

I can't believe it was a continuity error, everyone would have been watching it (or them, as the case may be) – was Lyne just playing with us?

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