Monday, November 23, 2009

What do Alicia Silverstone and Michael Moore have in common?

True Crime with Alicia Silverstone is a strange little mystery movie, a disjointed mix of Nancy Drew innocence in the lead character but with plenty of violence, a smattering of teenage sex and a fair amount of profanity.

But listen right after Mary (Silvestone) and Tony (Kevin Dillon) discover the hanging body of Earl, the man they thought was the killer. The scene changes and the cops are everywhere, interviewing Mary and Tony about their discovery.

There in the background, over some police radio off camera comes the voice of a female operator saying 'eight eight fourteen clear.'

Now watch Canadian Bacon, Michael Moore's single fictional film. It's not as creatively successful as his documentaries, feeling somewhat forced and ham fisted in it's depiction of a soft US President (Alan Alda) convinced to whip up a phony war footing against Canada in order to bolster US military stocks.

But as Niagra cops John Candy and Rhea Pearlman roll along in their patrol car, you can distinctly hear the voice over the police band - the same young lady with the same 'eight eight fourteen clear' recording.

Welcome to 8814clear

If you listen to rap music like I do, you'll hopefully have heard No Tears by Scarface. If not I urge you to listen to it as soon as possible.

And when you do, listen right until the end, you'll hear stock audio of police operators speaking over the LAPD band reporting what appears to be the activity in city sectors. While some of it's a bit of a jumble, one line couldn't be more distinctive, when the lady operator says 'eight eight fourteen clear'.

Nothing special about that, right? But for some reason it struck me as a cool effect to end the song and it stayed with me.

So imagine my surprise when I heard the exact same recording in the soundtrack of not one, but two completely separate movies. Imagine also how weird it was when I happened to watch those two movies two nights running, and heard the effect clearly in both.

Convinced the world was trying to tell me something, I started this blog in order to indulge and share my fascination and love of deep movie trivia, the stuff I'm sure most people would miss.

8814clear isn't about knowing the birthdate of the third sons of the King of Rohan. Hardcore movie fans know that sort of 'story-specific' trivia and I can't compete with that.

What it's about is when trivial coincidences catch my notice and seem just to eerie to ignore, like a completely random stock audio file being played in the background of two totally unrelated movies two nights in a row, just because I happened to choose those nights to watch those movies.

Sometimes, after all, the world's trying to tell us something...